About RR Aircond & Electrical Solution

About RR Aircond

RR Aircond & Electrical Solution is one the best services provider in town. We provide all kinds of air conditioning services like installation, servicing, and maintenance. Along with complete electrical contacting solutions.

We are proud to announce that our recent and most valuable project is completed. We contributed as core electrical contactor, we provided all Air Conditioning & Electrical material with installation.

Vision / Misson
What we want to do

Our vision is to be a highly successful consulting company in air condintioning & electric sector and to provide wide range of services in the field of air condition installation, maintanance and electric solutions.

Our mission is to deeply recognize the needs of our Clients who are constantly searching for the latest technologies and new ways of thinking to make the best project decisions. We continuously develop our knowledge and expertise and apply them in helping our Clients in their business activities.

Our Professional Team

With wide experience, we also provide new, efficient technicians that enable our Clients to strengthen their business opportunities. And, above all, we work together with our Clients and transfer our knowledge and experience through comprehensive training courses.

Our unique position and relations with team operators electric region gives us solid background to understand the specific challenges of the sustainable development of regional power systems respecting economic and environmental constraints.